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Make your water work as hard as you do. Fortified with electrolytes and minerals to fuel your next adventure
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Joint pain starts with inflammation. Target the source, support joint pain relief.
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Founded by Travis St. Denis a 10 year U.S. Marine Special Operations Raider and Marcel Reece a 4X Pro Bowler/All-Pro & 10 year Raider. Travis and Marcel partnered with Lief Labs Research and Development teams to develop a line of superfoods focused products to support a high octane and powerhouse lifestyle.

What is the warrior counterculture? At Livit we do not do this to sell you a product; we design superfoods to fuel the mission. In this mission we are fostering a community of Warriors & Athletes. We do not concern ourselves with the weak or timid, the ones who dream but do not accomplish. We are the ones who rise, who challenge and move the needle forward. We do so because that is who we are, not for the gratitude or the fame but the deep desire to conquer the status quo.

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